Thule Arcos Cargo Box Tow Bar Mounted Luggage Solution
Thule Arcos Cargo Box Large Luggage Solution For Tow Bars For Use With Arcos Platform

Thule Arcos Box - Large

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Please note: The Thule Arcos Box must be used together with the Thule Arcos Platform.

Please Note: The Thule Arcos Box must be used together with the Thule Arcos Platform.

The Thule Acros Large cargo box is an ideal carrier for those wanting either not wanting a Roofrack or needing to keep their roofrack clear for carrying other things like bikes, canoes or kayaks, but still wanting to carry more luggage outside of the car.

The Acros Large is designed to reduce wind resistance while carrying your extra load out the rear of the vehicle. Thule have made the Arcos Large Cargo Box a modern looking rear tow bar mounted solution that has a more streamline design in a wing look style, this makes the Acros feel like a true extrension of your car. This aerodynamic shape has little impact on fuel consumption and makes the Arcos Large ideal for Electric Cars.

The Acros has a very durable hard shell which protects your internal luggage from the weather and road dirt. This external shell is not only perfect for easy mounting, loading but  cleaning is simple too.

Thule have given the Acros - Large a slide lock system offering separatelocking and opening functions, this auto locks the lid in place, showing when the lid is securely closed. Gaining access to the boot of most vehicles is still quick and simple, thanks to the Acros's low profile nature and that it sits nice and low to the ground.

The Arcos Cargo Box is also available in the smaller Arcos Cargo Box - Medium for those looking for slightly less carrying space & capacity.

Please Note: The Thule Arcos Box must be used together with the Thule Arcos Platform.

Dimensions / Specification

    Volume 400L

    External dimensions

    171 cm x 54 cm x 78 cm

    Load capacity

    50 kg
    Box Weight 20 kg

    Mounting system

    Tow Bar

    Locks included

Thule Arcos Platform Tow Bar Mounted Carrier Platform

Thule Arcos Platform

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The Thule Arcos Platform is the base section required for use with the Arcos Cargo Box.

This tow bar mounted platform is easy to use and can be installed by one person on to your vehicles Tow Ball.

The Arcos Platform has a side mounted lockable lever lock style arm to secure to the Tow Ball, this means even with the Thule Arcos Cargo Box (Not Included) you can still easily secure and remove from your vehicle.

Thule Arcos Video

Electric Range

Thule Arcos & Tesla

The Arcos cargo box is perfect for electric vehicles such as Teslas. Unlike roof boxes, the effect on the electric range should be negligible compared to a roof mounted box

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