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The Thule EuroClassic G6 LED is the ultimate tow ball mounted cycle carrier allowing you to carry up to 4 bikes.

The EuroClassic G6 is a modern and stylish tow bar mounted cycle carrier that's very easy to use. Attachment to the tow bar is simple, lift the carrier onto the tow ball and close the lever. The clamp mechanism is then locked with a key to prevent unauthorised removal from the towbar.

Bikes are secured onto the carrier using wheel trays with quick attachment straps and soft grip clamp around the bike frame. The frame holders are detachable so you can load a bike and then fit the frame holder for easier loading. For maximum security the frame clamps are lockable which locks the bikes to the carrier which itself locks to the vehicle.

When loaded with bikes, you can tilt the carrier to allow access to the boot. To tilt the carrier simply depress the footpedal positioned at the rear of the carrier. A built in stop prevents the bikes from touching the ground.

There are 2 models available: EuroClassic 928 (2 Bikes) and EuroClassic 929 (3 Bikes).

An additional bike can be added to both models using the Thule 928-1 Extra Bike Adapter.

A Thule 928 EuroClassic G6 + Thule 928-1 Adapter = Max 3 Bikes

A Thule 929 EuroClassic G6 + Thule 928-1 Adapter = Max 4 Bikes



  • Euro Classic G6 LED 928 - 2 Bikes (3 with adapter 928-1)
  • Euro Classic G6 LED 929 - 3 Bikes (4 with adapter 928-1)
  • Compatible with bike frame sizes 22-80mm
  • Exclusive LED lights together with timeless design
  • Upto 25kg per bike enabling transport of electric bikes
  • New improved one hand coupling with low closing force and high stability
  • New foot operated pedal tilt for easy and convenient boot access
  • Detachable and easy to move frame holders with quick mount system for easy loading
  • Carrier is lockable to towbar and bikes lockable to carrier
  • Fits all bikes and wheel sizes
  • Smart and innovative pump buckles for wheel straps
  • Folds flat for compact storage


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