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Roof Rack Supplies - Thule RangeRoof Racks Supplies are part of Brighton Canoes & The Canoe Shops (Group). We started selling roof bars & racks in order to enable customers to transport the kayaks and canoes they purchased. Since those early days things have moved forward and Roof Rack Supplies now operates as an independent specialist retailer of Roof Racks and accessories.

Roof Rack Supplies is based in Newhaven in East Sussex in a 4000 sq. ft. show room and warehouse. Customer are welcome to visit our show room for impartial advice or to view products. Our warehouse holds huge stock for mail order throughout the UK. Thule Roof Top Boxes

Roof Racks Supplies are pleased to offer the complete range of Thule products including Roof Bars & Racks, Cycle Carriers, Roof Boxes, Kayak Carriers, Ski Carriers, Snow Chains & various other Accessories. We mainly offer the Thule product range as opposed to other brands as we feel that they provide the best value for money. Thule offer the highest quality equipment on the market with excellent manufacturing techniques, quality materials, and intuitive, easy fitting!Thule Retailer South East Sussex Newhaven

Interested in buying a Canoe or Kayak to put your new roof bars to good use? Why not visit our Brighton Canoes shop website -

If you are unsure of what product fits your vehicle, or would like advice on any part of the Thule range, head over to our product pages and use our selectors for both roof racks and cycle carriers! Or if you prefer, you can always call us and ask!

- RRS Team

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